Sword type Y2
Sword type Y2
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Sword type Y2

 290 410

Viking / European / Rus
find from Southern Agder, Norway
X century

-blade 75-80 cm (on demand)
-crossguard 13 cm
-blade width near crossguard 5 cm
-blade thickness near crossguard  5,5 cm
-sword’s total lenght 94 cm
-weight 1,2 kg
-gravity center 10 cm from crossguard
-steel 65G (spring structural steel)
-tempering 55 HRC

You may add a baldric HERE.
We’ll choose the correct moulds / buckles / strap ends for your sword and will mount the best sword’s baldric for you! 🙂

Price doesn’t include scabbard. You can add scabbard pressing the button under this description.
-scabbard #1 (wood/genuine leather/no chape)
-scabbard #2 (wood/genuine leather/lambskin inside/chape)


We take paymets via PayPal or Payoneer or bank transfer.
We ship by EMS or Ordinary registered mail.
Feel free to contact us on Facebook


no scabbard, scabbard #1, scabbard #2

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