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Pavilion Square Medium size. 11th-16th century.

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Square pavillion.
XI-XVI century AD.

-hight 3 m
-square 4×4 m

Important (please discuss the options with manager after making order):
1. Separate walls – 40€
2. Roll-up / marquee entrance – 25€
3. Multicolor – 60€
4. Decorative bands – 70€
5. Festoons – 80€
6. You may order the FLOOR (please discuss with manager while making the order).
Poles/weels are not included! Look and order HERE.
8. We also provide you with drafts of frames/poles/weels for in-house making them to avoid the needless postage.

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100% cotton, 260 gsm
extra-water-proofing canvas, 500 gsm

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