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Reconstruction of the silk from Khasaut. Persia/Byzantium, VIII-X A.D.

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100% natural silk.
Weight 160 gsm.
Minimal cut 50 cm.
If you need more (75cm / 100 cm / … / 5 m) – just add more cuts, we will send the needed total lengh in one piece.

Found in the Caucasus near settlement Khasaut (close to famous Moschevaya Balka), where one of the branches of the Silk Road lied. But in contrast to fabrics with medallions (aspecially with depicted “dominative” beasts: lions, griffins, elephants, eagles) this fabric was a kind of “easy” silk, which could be used by simple people also and was not under export interdiction.

As buyers have variable requirement we prefer to discuss the needed lenght personaly after you will choose the width and make the order. We also try to cut the fabric by whole medallions.

We reconstruct fabrics basing on historical sources.

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width 105 cm lenght 50 cm, width 210 cm lenght 50 cm