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PRE-ORDER! Reconstructed fabric with winged horses. Byzantium, 8th-9th century AD.

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Here you seee only the vector design and the historical source, the fabrics is now in production.
You may make the pre-order and the fabric will be sent to you as soon as it will be produced.
The preorder price is 10% less.

Byzantine. VIII-IX century.
Natural silk fabric.
Weight 130-150 gr/m2
Minimal cut 50 cm.
If you need more (75cm / 100 cm / … / 5 m) – just add more cuts, we will send the needed total lengh in one piece.

Those winged horses is a silk serge fabric and was used as a cushion for the enamel cross of the Pope Paschal (817 – 824) and is said to be Byzantine (8th cent). Museo Sacro Vatican. The author notes that this “pegasus” was exactly the same type of animal as the sassanian original which may be seen on silk fabrics from Antinoe wich are now in Lyon and Berlin. The high degree of stylisation proves that it was made in Byzantium.

As buyers have variable requirement we prefer to discuss the needed lenght personaly after you will choose the width and make the order. We also try to cut the fabric by whole medallions.

Fabrics are reconstructed basing on historical sources.

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width 105 cm lenght 50 cm, width 210 cm lenght 50 cm