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Great helm from Museum Lucera (Italy). XIII A.D.


Helm of the XIII century crusader
Exhibited in the Museum Lucera, Apulia in Italy.

The helmet was found by chance in one of the towers of the western tower of the fortress, buried under layers of garbage, during repair work in late 1979. But why was the element of the XIII century armor buried in that nameless tower? Abruzzo Marco Sciarra began robbing the homes of local nobles, and it is likely that the crusader’s helmet was prey to the robbers who used it as a pan for roasting chestnuts during patrols on the castle’s tower that controlled the area. It is likely that the helmet and swords from Lucera were kept in one of the castle’s houses, like heirlooms, since the two brothers, Theoden (Teodino) and Mark (Marco) Scassa (Scassa) – Wrathful, were with Louis the Saints during the Ninth Crusade. After the escape of the pack of Skiarr, the helmet and swords remained in the tower under a layer of garbage, which they reliably preserved until the arrival of archaeologists.


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