Alanian "helmet cap". VIII-X century AD.
Alanian "helmet cap". VIII-X century AD.
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Alanian “helmet cap”. VIII-X century AD.


Selling ready made garments is not the way which we follow. Every dress, tunic or cloak has to be unique so we discuss every new order with a customer, ask for taking measurements, make the screening of fabrics, selects buttons, braids, etc. Here is the small portfolio of vestments made for different customers and for ourselves. Making any Rus / Viking / European / Steppe costume is not a problem for us. We also feel familiar between different epochs and centuries.
Feel free to ask on Facebook about a new order.

-handmade felt base
-brocade silk covering
Total 140€


We take paymets via ransferwise / bank / PayPal / western Union.
Shipping by EMS or Ordinary registered mail.
Feel free to contact us on Facebook

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