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Chainmail mittens


Rus / European / Byzantine
X-XIII century

Price is for pair. If you need the second mitten without chainmail (undershield mitten for example) – it’s 65€ (185€ together with armoured mitten). If you want only 1 armoured mitten it’s 120€.



  1. These mittens have chainmail enforcement + 7 mm of felt + leather + lining inside. Chainmail is 8 mm ring and 1.4 mm wire. Rivited/choped type (for Early Meadieval).
  2. We remind you why we do not sell stock armour – reason is that protection must sit comfortably and fit your body. We make custom armours and kindly ask you to measure yourself, your comfort and protection depend on this. We’ll send you the measurement scheme in private massage after you make an order.


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