Brigandine from Chalkis, type 1. XIV-XV A.D.
Brigandine from Chalkis, type 1. XIV-XV A.D.
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Brigandine from Chalkis, type 1. XIV-XV A.D.

 320 470

Europe / Central Europe / Greece
XIII-XV century

Basic option – tempered spring steel 0,8 mm / 1-1,2 mm for back).
Titanium is possible also (choose in options below).
Wollen fabric on top. Lining inside (!) Scales are hidden under the lining.
Maybe covered by stamp printed fabric or leather (discussion with our manager needed).
Bottom edge may be festooned on your demand.
All rivets have leather washers, this elongates the armour’s life. Rivets are steel by default, but may be changed for brass (silver, gold / silvered, gilded) on demand.
You also may choose beautiful authentic
brass buckles in options.

  1. We will ask you for all important measurements and send the measurement chart by email after you will initiate the order!
  2. Armours may be produced of mild steel 1.2-1.5 mm, hardened steel 0,8-1.2 mm, stainless steel and sometimes titanium. You can choose this in options. Hardened steel is nearly twice harder than the same mild steel. So using 0.6 mm means 1.2 in mild steel / 0.8 mm means using about 1.6 mm.
  3. All armours is by default mat polished. Use Ballistol oil earlier than rust will start eating your time.
  4. We remind you why we do not sell stock armour – reason is that protection must sit comfortably and fit your body. We make custom armours and kindly ask you to measure yourself honestly, your comfort and protection depend on this.


We take instalment payments if the total amount is too big for you.
We take paymets via Transferwise / bank / WU / PayPal.
We ship by EMS or Ordinary registered mail.
Feel free to contact us on Facebook

What metal?

hardened spring steel, titanium

What buckles&

steel, brass

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