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Arrows storage case.


Leather of natural tanning, stamping on leather, hand stitching.

Store and transport your bows and arrows correctly! For quite a long time archers used cylindrical quivers which carried a full ammunition of arrows. And it was all carried on a waist belt – little of pleasure, I must say. It all weighs not so little, moving with all this, even on a horse, was not comfortable, and when you remove the belt, you lose all the ammunition at once. Smart people came up with the idea of carrying compact flat quivers for half a dozen or a dozen arrows on themselves, but carrying the rest of the ammunition in separate trunks under the saddle or in the wagon train. And naturally, the most logical form of such a trunk was a slightly finished version of the cylindrical quiver. It has an internal divider for arrows, which provides additional rigidity and volume, and a cover, which is sometimes made on quivers, and sometimes not.



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