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Armour from Niederstotzingen (short version). VI-VIII A.D.


Frankish / Saxonian / Avar
VI-VII century

The lamellars made of this characteristic kind of scales with a figured cut stay as the signature of the Avar attendance in the European history of VI-VIII centuries. Such armors or at least their remnants were found on the wide territory from Germany to Crimea.

This armor may be equipped with a long tassets, same whole with the cuirass as being separate as a skirt.

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    Material options:

    • 50 €


  1. All armour may be produced in mild steel OR spring steel 0,8mm hardened and tempered. You can choose spring steel in options. Hardened spring steel 65G is nearly twice harder than the same mild steel. So using 0.6 mm means 1.2 in mild steel / 0.8 mm means using about 1.6 mm.
  2. All armour is by default cleabed by free jet blast & covered by laquer. If you want we may clean every scale by hands. But remember that nothing protects scales forever. Take care about your armour. Use Ballistol oil earlier than rust starts using your time.
  3. Every new armour shipped from us has repair kit which includes leather (pieces / laces), 10-15 scales, rivets optionaly.
  4. We remind you why we do not sell stock armour – reason is that protection must sit comfortably and fit your body. We make custom armours and kindly ask you to measure yourself honestly, your comfort and protection depend on this.
  5. Please choose the correct size while making order.
  6. Except the waist some more parametres are still important for us and we’ll discuss them in private. You can also write in advance your chest circumference and how tall you are.


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